3s research laboratory is one of the leading VET-research organisations in Austria. We are experienced in the design of projects in the fields of knowledge, learning and work, and in the development of methods, tools and instruments for anticipating and assessing qualifications and competences. The activities of 3s research laboratory focus on the interface between education and the labour market. We are an experienced co-ordinator of Leonardo da Vinci Projects (e.g. VQTS – that has received the Helsinki Award 2006 and the Lifelong Leraning Award 2007 in gold) and experienced partner in several European projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, LLL, EC). 3s is member of the Austrian Reference Network from CEDEFOP and is providing expertise to Austrian Ministries (e.g. regarding EQF/NQF and related topics like the implementation of ECVET in Austria, the certification of continuing vocational training in companies, quality assurance etc.). Presently, 3s is providing expertise to the European Commission for the further development and implementation of the EQF and is involved in several European projects related to EQF/NQF/sectoral QF and ECVET.

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Sigrid Nindl