The CREDIJ was set up in 1983 by the Regional Delegation for Vocational Training (DRTEFP – French Ministry of Labour) in the Haute-Normandy Region. Non-profit making association, the CREDIJ gathers experts in the field of guidance and counselling, course planning and design, and evaluation of education and training systems.

The centre conducts qualitative studies on apprenticeship, integration and employment of young people, acquisition and validation of competences, notably in the building, automotive and service sectors. It also participates in tutors and trainers’ training (

Since 2001, it is involved in EU projects promoting the transparency of European qualifications and certifications, as well as professional mobility and equality. The CREDIJ leans on education networks and socio-economic actors able to disseminate, implement and valorise the European projects’ products and results: the GRETA Network, experts from the CNCP (, training centres, sectoral branches and local authorities.

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Alain Kokosowski