The Giacomo Rumor Foundation - Veneto Productivity Centre (CPV) was founded on August 9 1955, as an association of public and private institu­tions, companies and persons. Its purpose is the promotion of productivity growth by the diffusion of knowledge and by stimulating the application of updated organisational techniques and new productive and E.D.P. technologies. The Foundation develops an activity of promotion, mainly through Work Groups subdivided into areas of interest. The subjects are promoted by the members themselves. The size is 39 persons of staff : 29 employee and 10 stable freelance


CPV organises:

Short-term training courses for companies, public institutions and others. The areas of the business courses are the following: Purchasing and Materials; Environment, Security, Technology; Finance and Administration, Marketing, Information Technology Area - EDP; Production Organisation, Human Resources, Quality (Courses on catalogue Department) Companies can also required specific courses according to their needs (Courses on request Department)

Long-term training courses for unemployed financed by the European Social Fund


The Study Groups constitute the backbone of CPV and they aim at promoting the exchange of information and knowledge between entrepreneurs, managers and technicians by organising conferences, meetings and study visits.

Member companies establish the Group work program by electing a Management Group, which will then choose a President.. The Study Groups that are presently active are the following: General Management, Trade and Marketing Management, Production Organisation, Company Administration, Automation


The Study Group activities enable the Center to better hone its training provisions to enterprises’ needs.


The counter helps companies with patents, quality and certification, technical regulations and innovation. The Patent Information Office provides the following services:

Complete texts of the European Patent Office Files

Patent researches for companies

Publications of patents filed on a certain subject, on subscription.


The New Enterprise Information Desk helps would be entrepreneurs providing  free of charge information on procedures, source of finance, training courses and market trends. The NEID also assists new entrepreneurs in  preparing their own business plan.

The service is divided in:





CPV is a member of the European Association of National Productivity Centres (EANCP) and of CIOS (World Council of Management). From 1984 it co-operates with the German National Productivity Centre (RKW). The Centro Produttività is a partner in many international co-operation projects funded by the European Community Commission and by the Italian Government.

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