Fastrak Consulting Ltd is the vehicle for consulting work conducted by Clive Shepherd and associates. UK-based, but working internationally, Fastrak specialises in the application of technology to training and employee communications.

Consulting: Fastrak provides assistance to organisations of all types: corporate training and communications departments, public authorities, voluntary organisations, professional bodies, new media publishers or training providers. Here are a few examples of the sorts of projects we would be delighted to help you with:

Formulating a strategy for e/blended learning.
Assessing the feasibility of alternative approaches to e/blended learning.
Market/competitive research and analysis.
Cost-benefit, ROI and evaluation studies.
Learning needs analysis.
The top-level design of blended and e-learning solutions.
The coaching and development of training management and staff.
The development of 'how-to' and style guides.
We are happy to work alone, alongside your own staff or with other suppliers.

Speaking: Clive speaks regularly at major conferences, seminars and in-company events. He is also able to host webinars and virtual classroom sessions.

Development: Although Fastrak is not a production house, we can undertake small projects or work in collaboration with other developers. Our skills include the development of interactive tutorials, quizzes, games, simulations, decision-making tools, animations, audio and printed materials.