The project intends to create conditions for setting up a European sectoral competence meta-framework in the automotive sector related to the European Qualification Framework. For this purpose, the applicability of EQF categories for the description of occupational profiles is tested resp. it is investigated how far sectoral descriptors can be derived from the EQF. It is also discussed which organisational conditions have to exist in order to enable a continuous debate of occupational profiles’ issues among stakeholders of various countries. Both issues should be subject of a broader discussion within the VET Stakeholders of the automotive sector; results gained in the EASCMF project could deliver a starting point for this discussion.

Applicant of this project is ITB, it is coordinated by DEKRA.



1. Project Management
2. Employability grid
3. Referenceability of national qualification frameworks
4. Referenceability of sectoral qualifications, qualifications/competence frameworks
5. Case studies piloting the application of methodology
6. Model of collaboration between sectoral/public stakeholders
7. Overcoming the EQF Information Divide
8. Quality management

Funding Period

01.03.2010 – 31.02.2012

The project is supported by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme and by funds held by the project partners.